Bedding Sub-Industry Sector moves towards record.

22 August 20226 okuma

According to Güler, President of IBIA (International Bedding Industry Association), the industry makes an important economic contribution due to the export figures it brings to Turkey. It also has great potential for employment. Explaining that the bedding industry in Turkey has an important place in the world ranking, President Güler states that when the numerical size of the industry is considered, they are faced with a very bright picture. Emphasizing that the production of sectoral companies in our country is 3 billion dollars and their exports are 2 billion dollars, President Güler underlines that they have a huge employment of 25 thousand people.


President Güler believes that Turkey, which is 14th in the world production and export ranking of 30 billion dollars, can be among the top 3 countries in the world in a short time. Noting that they have implemented IBIA for this purpose, in order for Turkey to be at the top of the world hit lists, President Güler states that the most important aim of IBIA is to bring the industry together and increase the synergy between our businessmen. He emphasizes that another important goal is the "IBIA EXPO 2022" fair, whose organization continues to increase the commercial activities of its members.


President Güler, giving the good news that IBIA Expo-Bedding Sub-Industry and Technologies Fair will open its doors to industry professionals with the participation of over 300 leading companies and manufacturers, with thousands of visitors from target buyer countries to be hosted at Istanbul Expo Center on 06-09 October 2022.

says that with IBIA Expo, its members will add excitement and synergy to the dynamism of the industry by establishing new B2B commercial relations with many new bedding manufacturers in the industry together with their existing customers.



Explaining that by the end of 2023, they aim to increase the production of 3 billion dollars to 4 billion dollars and their exports to 2 billion dollars, President Güler said, that they believe that the employment size of 25 thousand people will easily increase to 35 thousand people.


Reminding that the serious efforts and initiatives of our bedding technology and raw material producers with new strategies and perspectives, 5 billion dollars of products and technology have been prevented from coming from abroad in recent years, President Güler, says that with these developments, our foreign currency is also prevented from going abroad.



Expressing that Turkey, which has a production of 3 billion dollars in the sector, has reached the level of the second-degree bedding producers in the world after the People's Republic of China with its 2.2 billion exports, President Güler says that they are also proud of their employment figures.

Noting that there are 8 companies from the IBIA association members among the first thousand exporters in Turkey, and that they believe that 4 more members will be among the top thousand exporters next year, Güler said that bedding manufacturers in Turkey have gained a serious momentum in the last 10 years, reaching an export of 256 million dollars with a growth of 512%. He also says that they are very happy about it.


Another important point that pleases President Güler is that as bedding technologies and component manufacturers, we are in the second best position in the world after China. In addition, as Turkey, we have the title of being the country that shows the highest participation and interest in all international sectoral fairs after the number of participants in the host country, which draws attention as our internationally important privileges in the sector.



Explaining that they, as the Bedding sub-industry and technologies sector, had a very intense working period during the pandemic period, President Güler states the following:


“Now there is a recession following this intensity, but I don't think it will last very long. The sector will continue to grow with a high momentum. As Turkey, we have many advantages. We are one of the biggest players in the world after China. As a country, we are advantageous in many aspects. We have prominent features such as freight costs arising from our geographical position, productivity, innovation, as well as product quality diversity and price performances based on this. One of the most important factors is our synergy and friendship relations, which can be seen in very few sectors. With the unifying mission of IBIA and the cooperation between us, we aim to reach all customers in the world markets, and to dominate the market with all layers, not just a few of the bedding compounds used in the world."

Emphasizing that they believe that they will reach a much wider audience by sharing their international relations and customer portfolios with all members, President Güler, says that by crowning these advantages with the IBIA EXPO 2022 fair, they aim to reach more market share around the world by increasing the interest in bedding component and technology manufacturers in Turkey. The President also underlines that the success of IBIA EXPO 2022 will be reflected in the export rate, and that the sector will reach an export figure of 3 billion dollars in 2023.



The International Bedding Industry Association (IBIA) aims to provide professional unity and solidarity, to organize domestic and international fairs, and to organize commercial delegations. The association also plans to carry out studies to increase the competitiveness of our sector, to cooperate with public institutions and organizations, professional associations, to organize training activities and to carry out social activities. IBIA also organizes international fairs such as IBIA Expo 2022 so that the bedding industry in Turkey gets a bigger share of the world's cake.



06-09 October 2022


IBIA Expo - Bedding Sub-Industry and Technologies Fair, with the participation of over 300 leading companies and manufacturers, will open its doors to industry professionals with thousands of visitors from target buyer countries on 06-09 October 2022 at Istanbul Expo Center.


IBIA EXPO, Turkey's only fair on bedding components and technologies, is an international trade fair that brings together bedding sub-industry, machinery and equipment professionals, as well as an excellent export platform where the latest technologies and innovative products are exhibited.


In addition to hosting nearly 20,000 domestic and foreign buyers from 70 countries, IBIA Expo will offer a unique meeting platform to private buyers and leading manufacturer brands by creating a business network with B2B meetings.



World bedding production has a market share of 40 billion dollars.

50 countries share the 31 billion dollar share of this.

China: 9.3 billion dollars.

USA: 7.7 billion dollars.

India: 1.06 billion

Poland: 803 million

Brazil: 750

Turkey ranks 14th with 406 million dollars.

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