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The fact that stress is a part of our daily life, of course, also affects our sleep. Sleep disorder or poor quality sleep can upset our entire balance. One of the important factors of sleep is that your bed is healthy and suitable for you.

Ryan Trainer, President of ISPA (International Sleep Products Association), said the following at the IBIAEXPO seminar, where he was a guest on the American sleep industry and bedding market: “The American market is very important for Turkish manufacturers. The American bedding industry has shrunk in the last 12 months. People can delay changing their bedding.”

Stating that the American economy, which started to shrink with the pandemic, is not sure how to overcome the new crisis, Trainer added: “Even though there are sectorial shrinkages, this process will end somehow and when it is finished, you should not leave this export wing incomplete. There are some important issues that Turkish bedding manufacturers should pay attention to in the American market. We know that the majority of our home accidents are cigarettes smoked in bedding. Therefore, you need to use fire resistant materials. In addition, microbe-free nano-technological fabrics are extremely popular so that you do not share your bed with anyone but you. You must comply with recyclable materials and state chemical laws.”

Stating that the younger generation consumes faster in user habits, Trainer said that consumption progresses more slowly in middle age and above.

Ryan Trainer will be at IFM Hall 5 seminar hall on October 8 as part of IBIAEXPO 2022 Exhibition talks.


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